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About Us

Wood is versatile and compromising. A beautiful work of art sculpted from wood is a prize possession. Wood art gives off an essence that can be clearly felt as it emanates from the piece embodying the spirit of the wood. Wood sculptures are just one way to unveil the true heart and beauty of the medium.

At Wood iFacts we share with you some of the great designs that are held in wood. What the artist sees before the finished product is recognizable by a lay person’s eye. We look at which kinds of wood make the most beautiful artistic expressions. We venture into the world of wood from the type of tree that produces some of the most durable and beautiful wood, to the finished pieces that adorn homes and museums around the world.

We take a look at the fundamentals of wood. How was wood first used? Man discovered fire, but not long afterward petrified wooden carvings have been revealed to have aided in the advancement of humankind. The carvings are of tools, dolls, urns, weapons and a variety of objects that seemed to be simply ornamental. These objects have shown up on every continent. Boats carved from tree trunks transported people from one land to another. The history of wood as a practical and functional part of our life goes back as far as the recording of the human race.

Wood used as fuel not only kept people warm before the invention of modern day heat sources but watching a burning fire, no doubt inspired many a great thinker. Fire has kept people warm and safe and wood was at the heart of the matter.

At Wood iFacts we explore the history of wood as a working partner in the lives of all cultures. Including those living in the polar regions every tribe that has inhabited the planet has used wood in one way or another. Objects created from wood such as musical instruments, jewelry, and basic habitats are fundamental to the stories of the human race. We love exploring the uses of wood and the art and functionality of it.

Enjoy the posts you read on Wood iFacts as they take you into the history and appreciation of the world of wood.