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forest-angels-rozaliana-thongmeeThis post is a very personal one. I don’t often share such private information, but today has been an exceptional day and so a good one to share something exceptional with our readers.

It doesn’t pay to have a closed mind. On a warm Autumn night a few years back, I had my mind opened even more by an old Mayan woman about a subject I already knew a lot about – wood. She gave me the opportunity to view the forest and see wood from a non-ordinary perspective.

In full disclosure, I did ingest any mind altering drugs to get a peek into another dimension of wood, but my mind did get to expand to a place that included the forest’s etheric guardians. I was thrilled, and overwhelmed that I had been given a new take on an old friend. Honestly, it was a bit psychedelic. That night I was taught to see the Angelic Kingdom and its collaborative partnership with Nature.

My niece, Janis is a Forest Ranger, stationed in Colorado Rocky Mountain National Park. I envy her sometimes and others – not so much. It’s a tough job that never ends as the forest is a living, breathing environment. If an imbalance occurs and pest control is needed it’s her job to address the issue. She told me of an upcoming group that would be passing through in a couple of days and asked me to join them for the evening at the central park lodge.

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